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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of foot care?

Foot care should be an essential part of managing your overall health. Incorporating ongoing routine foot care ensures a more balanced lifestyle, which is critical to staying active. Be sure to see a Chiropodist as part of your overall health management regimen.

What are the benefits of seeing a Chiropodist?

Chiropodists are trained medical professionals that specialize in the treatment of feet. As such, Chiropodists offer more thorough foot exams, higher standards of infection control, specialization in soft tissue surgeries, and the ability to prescribe medication, if necessary. This high quality of foot care enables an active lifestyle and contributes to an improved level of health and wellness.

Does OHIP cover my initial visit?

Chiropody services are not currently covered under OHIP, however, most extended health benefit plans cover Chiropody services and orthopaedic devices. 

Do I require a referral?

No, we do not require a referral for an initial assessment or treatment. However, if you have extended health benefits, you should consult your insurance provider for details regarding your plan as some companies require that you have a referral dated prior to your initial assessment.

How can I book an appointment?

Feel free to call our office at 905-591-9555 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and book your appointment. Alternatively, you may email our clinic at to book your appointment. We also have our online booking system where you have full access to the schedules of all our Chiropodists. It is a great way to book an appointment that suits your availability at any time of the day, 24/7.

How do I know which appointment type to book online?

  • If it is your first time at our clinic, please select the ‘Initial Assessment and Treatment’ appointment. Please ensure to fill out your email address - this will automatically send you a new patient intake form to complete before you arrive for your appointment.

  • If you have been to our clinic before as a patient, please select the appointment you normally come in for, such as 'Routine Nail Care'.

  • If you believe you may be needing a surgical procedure or possibly require a longer appointment, please call or email the office to speak with our staff to determine the appropriate appointment for you.

Why do I have to book an initial assessment?

It is important that our Chiropodists perform a full assessment of your foot health with a detailed patient history of the issue in order to form the appropriate treatment plan for your foot concern. This will allow our clinic to provide the proper patient-centered care our patients deserve. Please note that treatment will be done during this appointment.

What is included in an initial assessment appointment?

  • A full medical history of health

  • A review of the patient’s chief complaint

  • A full foot examination pertaining to the patient’s chief complaint

  • A treatment for the chief complaint

  • A follow-up management plan and education

Does this clinic provide direct billing to my insurance?

Our clinic does not offer direct billing to your insurance company. Services are paid for at the end of the appointment and a detailed receipt will be given with all the information needed by your private insurance company.

How do I know what my insurance coverage is?

Please call your insurance company or use your mobile app to inquire about your coverage for Chiropody/Podiatry services. If you are interested in custom orthotics, coverage is usually a separate category from Chiropody/Podiatry services. If you are having issues determining your coverage, feel free to contact the clinic and we will call your insurance company with you to determine your coverage. 

How often should I get my feet checked?

Many people believe that there is no need to get a foot exam since they do not have any issues with their feet. However, The Canadian Diabetes Association recommends for patients with diabetes to have an annual foot examination, as it greatly reduces the risk of foot complications. Children, seniors, and anyone who has diabetes, should get their feet examined annually. As soon as you notice any change in your foot health, you should book a comprehensive foot exam with one of our Chiropodists.

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